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{December 12, 2007}   Midori Reviews Kink in the Caribbean

When I think of a “Super-Inclusive” resort, where you literally don’t bring any cash because everything is already paid for up front, I think it takes a LOT of money. And I also tend to think that people with LOTS of money are better educated about the dangers and practices of safer sex – no matter how kinky. Which is why I was surprised to read this part of Midori‘s review of Kink in the Caribbean for Eros-Zine:

Immediately adjacent to the pool and the swim-up bar was the ginormous Jacuzzi – or the “Jiz pool” as some of us referred to it. After dark it was usually full of men and women screwing or humping in various ways. Since I didn’t seen condoms around much during the whole week, and I didn’t smell much chlorine or bromine in the water, I wouldn’t want to hazard to guess what the health safely level of the water or the damp, warm hard surfaces around it and the bar must be like…

Speaking of condoms, I didn’t see any available within the resort during the week, except at the nearly invisible nurses’ hut and the gift shop just at the main gate, beyond the clothing-optional section. Given the amount of alcohol-lubricated and multi-partnered sex going on, it did make me wonder what the post-holiday sexual infection and yeast infection rates were. Fortunately people were really excited to learn about hands-free sexy-as-hell condom application techniques in the fellatio workshop. I am sure there were lots of late night homework and studies going on for this particular lesson!

Kind of makes me glad I’ve not ever gone to Kink in the Caribbean…then again, that may be a bit of sour grapes, as my budget would never afford it.

Or am I being judgemental? Classist? Is there any reason to think people aren’t making risk-aware decisions that I’m not aware of, or that access to better health care means they can take more risks?


tddog says:

From their website:

Be sure to bring along strong protection against the Caribbean sun. Include sunscreen, suntan lotion, sunglasses, hats & visors, etc. Whatever you forget can also be purchased on site.”

I love the irony.

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