Hot Safer Sex

{November 26, 2007}   Speaking of Dancing: Dita Von Tees’ Biggest Fan

As part of a burlesque troupe, Dita von Tees is of course one of my heroes. But in the spirit of Sheryn’s suggestion that one of the dangers of sex is that it can lead to dancing (or something like that, I’m a blogger, I don’t have time to check my quotes) I would like to refer you to this video clip of Dita’s performance at London’s Erotica Show .

Interesting twist in that article, by the way, about a different kind of unsafe sex:

The new Rabbit Travel Vibe, which makers claim is “perfect for long journeys”, has been put in VIP goodie bags at London’s Erotica show.

But last night an RAC spokeswoman warned the aid could be LETHAL for distracted motorists. She said: “Don’t use it while driving.”

The purple 4ins gadget is designed to fit in glove compartments.”

“Glove compartments…” Huh. Interesting euphemism. I’d not heard it before. Still, it is a useful reminder of the efficacy of grabbing a couple of nitrile before you go digging in the goodies…


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